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Anno: 2002
Stato: Terminata
Network: SBS
Followers: 3 utenti

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Jang Na Ra plays a cute and innocent country girl who often daydreams of rescuing her prince. One day, she meets Jang Hyuk who accidentally falls into her bath tub while she was taking her bath. Not off to a good start they started arguing over the matter. However, the story goes on to tell how Jang Nara arrives in the big city due to her plan to settle her irresponsible parents’ debts. She moves into Jang Hyuk’s house as a hired servant hence begins to teach the rich spoiled brat some manners through her down to earth scoldings and no-nonsense attitude. This drama gets totally hilarious in many scenes where Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk’s combination comes out as refreshingly cute. Jang Hyuk plays a rich and proud man who inherits his father’s business but is later betrayed by his own cousin and uncle leading to his downfall. On the other hand, Jang Nara plays a girl that he meets who help him pick up the pieces in his life, from defeat to success.
Stagione 1
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Jang Na Ra
Come: Cha Yang Soon

Jang Hyuk
Come: Han Gi Tae

Han Eun Jung
Come: Yoon Na Hee

Ryu Soo Young
Come: Oh Joon Tae (Gi Tae's cousin)

Choi Yong Min
Come: Chief, Public Relations

Chu Ja Hyun
Come: Song Bo Bae (Suk Koo's sister

Hong Yo Sup
Come: Director Oh (Joon Tae's Father)

Jo Hyung Ki
Come: Yang Soon's father

Jung Min
Come: Young Chan (Gi Tae's friend)

Kim Young Ok
Come: Yang Soon's grandmother

Kwon Hae Hyo
Come: Chief Joo (product development chief)

Lee Hye Sook
Come: CEO, Snowy Cosmetics (Na Hee's mother)

Lee Seung Hyung
Come: Assistant Chief, Public Relations

Oh Seung Eun
Come: Jin Joo (Na Hee's friend)

Park Soon Chun
Come: Yang Soon's mother

Yoon Tae Young
Come: Song Suk Koo

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