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Anno: 2003
Stato: Terminata
Network: Animax
Followers: 56 utenti

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Nadja is an orphan who lives at the Applefield Orphanage, in early 20th-century England. Nadja is called by Miss Appleton, the orphanage's owner, to receive a package delivered to her. The gifts sent for her thirteenth birthday are a dress and a diary. She is told in the accompanying letter that her mother is still alive. She later joins a traveling street performance act called the Dandelion Troupe in search of her mother after a fire breaks out in her orphanage. She travels the world, finding many friends along the way that teach her things about herself, ultimately having to learn the truth about her parentage and discovering her own destiny.
Stagione 1
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Come: non disponibile

Reiko Kiuchi
Come: Kennosuke Tsurugi

Ami Koshimizu
Come: Nadja "Applefield" Preminger

Daisuke Kishio
Come: Thomas O'Brien

Fumiko Orikasa
Come: Sylvie Arte

Hisako Kyouda
Come: Anna Petrova

Kazuya Ichijō
Come: George Haskill

Mitsuki Saiga
Come: Francis Harcourt / Keith Harcourt

Reiko Yasuhara
Come: Collette Preminger

Rumi Shishido
Come: Rosemary Applefield

Takumi Yamazaki
Come: Abel Geiger

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