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Anno: 2008
Stato: Terminata
Network: ABC Family
Followers: 91 utenti

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A nineteen-year-old girl called Heaven discovers that the well-to-do businessman who adopted her as an infant is actually the head of Yakuza, the Japanese mafia responsible for murdering her brother. Upon leaving her family Heaven decides to become a samurai with the help of her new American friends, and grows determined to take down her father's empire. This series is based on the popular novels for young people. The show is created by Luke McMullen from ABC Studios in association with Alloy Entertainment, and executive produce by Gossip Girl's Bob Levy, Leslie Morgenstein and Night Stalker's Frank Spotnitz. The show has received a 6-episode contract.
Stagione 1
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Jamie Chung
Come: Heaven

Brendan Fehr
Come: Jake Stanton

Kyle Labine
Come: Otto

Stacy Keibler
Come: Karen

Saige Thompson
Come: Cheryl

Anthony Brandon Wong
Come: Tasuke Kogo

Darryl Quon
Come: Sumo

Jack Yang
Come: Hiko

Kenneth Choi
Come: Sato

Linda Ko
Come: Mieko

Paul Wu
Come: Master Ninja

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