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Anno: 2002
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC One
Followers: 1 utenti

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The entire history of the world's favorite game? It's an extraordinary challenge that could go have gone horribly wrong, but "History Of Football: The Beautiful Game" is a class act. It boasts top-drawer production values, including narration by Terence Stamp, access to everybody who has really mattered in the game, ever, plus loads of famous, rare, and never-seen-before footage, each volume offering a blend of narrative, action, and illuminating interviews. This is a polished product: part celebration, part commemoration, but always with a sharp investigative sense, digging around the misty-eyed, good ol' days tradition, to explore in the company of those interviewed the reality behind some of soccer's myths and legends.
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George Best
Come: George Best

Dennis Bergkamp
Come: Dennis Bergkamp

David Beckham
Come: David Beckham

Peter Beardsley
Come: Peter Beardsley

Patrick Battiston
Come: Patrick Battiston

Sam Bartram
Come: Sam Bartram

John Barnes
Come: John Barnes

Gordon Banks
Come: Gordon Banks

Roberto Baggio
Come: Roberto Baggio

Markus Babbel
Come: Markus Babbel

Jimmy Armfield
Come: Jimmy Armfield

Viv Anderson
Come: Viv Anderson

George Allison
Come: George Allison

Arthur Albiston
Come: Arthur Albiston

Carlos Alberto
Come: Carlos Alberto

Demetrio Albertini
Come: Demetrio Albertini

Tony Adams
Come: Tony Adams

Bobby Charlton
Come: Bobby Charlton

Danny Blanchflower
Come: Danny Blanchflower

Dino Zoff
Come: Dino Zoff

Eric Cantona
Come: Eric Cantona

Jamie Carragher
Come: Jamie Carragher

Matt Busby
Come: Matt Busby

Terry Venables
Come: Terry Venables

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