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Anno: 2002
Stato: Terminata
Network: Network Ten
Followers: 1 utenti

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The series is set in Kingsway, which is the frontline in the war against crime. The detectives fight to preserve the Pacific Paradise we all enjoy. Crime knows no boundaries - from the Miami-like streets of Sylvania Waters, all dark glass and pontoons, to the towering cranes on the Container Wharves of Botany Bay, bordered by the white beaches and blue water between Monterey and Hungry Point. This is our world. It's tough. It's beautiful. Dangerous. A contradiction. Peter O'Brien stars as Joe Hill, a streetwise cop used to getting his own way, and his new partner Harriet Walker, played by Freya Stafford, who is about to change all that. Joe has an ex-wife Nicole Brown who wants to become a police officer at the Kingsway Station.
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Broke Satchwell
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Don Hany
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Freya Stafford
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Jodie Dry
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Peter O'Brien
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Richard Carter
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