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Anno: 2002
Stato: Terminata
Network: ITV1
Followers: 14 utenti

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The Forsyte Saga is an immense drama of sex, power, and money. It chronicles the lives of three generations of a powerful Victorian family. Superior, arrogant and confident on the surface, beneath the imposing veneer lies a festering core of unhappy and brutal relationships, riddled with jealousies and tensions. At the heart of the Saga is Soames Forsyte (Damian Lewis), a rich and successful partner in the family law firm and a staunch upholder of the old moral code. But his fiery, tormented relationship with his beautiful wife Irene (Gina McKee) upsets his complacency and as Irene embarks on a passionate affair, the Forsyte Family is cruelly ripped apart in a bitter feud.
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Ioan Gruffudd
Come: Phillip Bosinney

Gina McKee
Come: Irene Forsyte

Rupert Graves
Come: Jolyon Forsyte Jr.

Damian Lewis
Come: Soames Forsyte

Amanda Root
Come: Winifred Dartie

Alistair Petrie
Come: George

Julian Ovenden
Come: Val Dartie

Ben Miles
Come: Montague Dartie

Gillian Kearney
Come: June

Corin Redgrave
Come: Jolyon Forsyte Sr.

Alice Patten
Come: Imogen

Amanda Ryan
Come: Holly

Ann Bell
Come: Hester

Barbara Flynn
Come: Emily

Beatriz Batarda
Come: Annette Forsyte

Christian Coulson
Come: Jolly Forsyte

John Carlisle
Come: James Forsyte

Judy Campbell
Come: Ann

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