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Anno: 2007
Stato: Terminata
Network: HBO
Followers: 66 utenti

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This relationship drama brings viewers into the lives of three couples in committed relationships with intimacy problems. Jamie and Hugo are engaged and having doubts about fidelity, Carolyn and Palek are trying to have a baby, while Katie and David are parents who can't find time for sex. All three couples find themselves in therapy with a psychologist, Dr. May Foster. The show was created by Cynthia Mort; the pilot will be directed by Patricia Rozema, and will be executive produced by Gavin Polone and Vivian Cannon.
Stagione 1
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Michelle Borth
Come: Jamie

Adam Scott
Come: Palek

Ally Walker
Come: Katie

David Selby
Come: Arthur Foster

Jane Alexander
Come: Dr. May Foster

Luke Kirby
Come: Hugo

Sonya Walger
Come: Carolyn

Tim DeKay
Come: David

Ian Somerhalder
Come: Nick

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