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Anno: 2004
Stato: Terminata
Network: NHK
Followers: 7 utenti

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Yuri Shibuya was living a pretty normal life. That changed the day he was dunked into a toilet after an attempt to save a classmate from a gang of bullies. Instead of just getting a good soaking, he's pulled in. The next thing he knows, he's in a world that vaguely resembles medieval Europe. If that's not odd enough, he's told that he is to be the next Maoh, just because he has black hair and black eyes. The Maoh is the King of the Mazoku, who are coexisting not-so-peacefully with the humans in this world. Much to his subjects' dismay, he's totally different from the rulers they're accustomed to. He's kind, considerate, a believer in justice, and not willing to use violence to solve conflicts. Not exactly someone they want running a country on the very brink of war. Now, Yuri has to deal with trying to become a good Maoh, while at the same time attempting to adapt to this lands' customs and culture, all in a world where the tension between the humans and Mazoku is reaching its peak.
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Takahiro Sakurai
Come: Yuuri Shibuya

Mika Kanai
Come: Yuuri Shibuya

Akio Ootsuka
Come: Gwendal von Voltaire

Kazuhiko Inoue
Come: Gunter von Christ

Mitsuki Saiga
Come: Wolfram von Bielefeld

Toshiyuki Morikawa
Come: Konrad

Ayumi Tsunematsu
Come: Stoffel von Spitzberg

Hiroaki Hirata
Come: Gegenhuber Griesela

Hiroko Taguchi
Come: Gisela

Katsumi Suzuki
Come: Van Clief

Katsuyuki Konishi
Come: Shori Shibuya

Kazuhiro Nakata
Come: King Belar

Kentarou Itou
Come: Alford Markina

Kenyuu Horiuchi
Come: DunHeely Weller

Kouji Tsujitani
Come: Shoma Shibuya

Kouki Miyata
Come: Ken Murata

Come: Nogisu

Kumiko Higa
Come: Raven

Masaki Terasoma
Come: Adelbert von Grantz

Masako Katsuki
Come: Cecilie von Spitzberg

Masanori Takeda
Come: Josak

Minami Takayama
Come: Anissina von Karbelnikoff

Motoko Kumai
Come: Greta

Nozomu Sasaki
Come: Daikenja

Risa Mizuno
Come: Suzanna Julia von Wincott

Shinichiro Miki
Come: Shinou

Takahiro Sakurai
Come: Morgif

Takashi Matsuyama
Come: Dorcas

Takaya Hashi
Come: Bob

Unshou Ishizuka
Come: Stoffel von Spitzberg

Wakana Yamazaki
Come: Gloria

Wataru Takagi
Come: Clint

Yasunori Matsumoto
Come: Raven

Come: Ulrike

Yumi Kakazu
Come: Miko Shibuya

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