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Anno: 2007
Stato: Terminata
Network: ABC (US)
Followers: 19 utenti

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Jay, Tyler and Will were friends who had spent the last two years in grad school living together. They were about to go on a summer journey, but a simple prank to rollerblade through one of New York's most famous museums made Jay and Tyler prime suspects in a terrorist bombing that destroyed the museum a few seconds later. Jay and Tyler hoped that Will could clear their name, but discovered that they had no way of proving Will ever existed.
Stagione 1
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Matthew Bomer
Come: Jay Burchell

Logan Marshall-Green
Come: Tyler Fog

Aaron Stanford
Come: Will Traveler

Pascale Hutton
Come: Kimberly Doherty

William Sadler
Come: Carlton Fog

Steven Culp
Come: Special Agent in Charge Fred Chambers

Viola Davis
Come: Agent Jan Marlow

Anthony Ruivivar
Come: Agent Guillermo Borjes

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