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Anno: 2005
Stato: Terminata
Network: VTM
Followers: 3 utenti

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Each year hundreds of women are taken from their homes and forced into a life of prostitution and sexual slavery. This is the story of ten of them. A Belgian criminal gang head east to Lithuania to recruit young women desperate to leave their impoverished lives. Promising a glamorous life as members of a stage dance troupe, the girls are eager to sign up. From the training in Cyprus, to the strip clubs and illegal brothers in Belgium, the girls from the start are forced into a life of rape, abuse, murder and misery. The police are slow and corrupt, and the gangsters are always one step ahead of the law. Only an ambitious journalist from Belgium is prepared to risk all to expose this illegal trade in human bodies. But these girls won't lie down easily. Escape from this nightmare is always on their mind. What follows is a vicious and deadly game of cat and mouse with their very lives at stake.
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Axel Daeseleire
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Peter van den begin
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Eugenia Khirivskaya
Come: Kalinka

Zemyna Asmontaite
Come: Daria

Stany Crets
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Luk Wyns
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Wim Opbrouck
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Marc van Eeghem
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