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Anno: 2005
Stato: Terminata
Network: Channel 2
Followers: 5 utenti

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In the new series, OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS face the greatest danger in all eternity, a menace that threatens not only the survival of the TRANSFORMERS, but the very existence of CYBERTRON, the home of the TRANSFORMERS race, and the universe itself. This next installment is "more than meets the eye" with a complex story of intrigue and surprises, and a reminder to fans what it means to be "ROBOTS IN DISGUISE"! The stage of the Transformers battles are various planets in the universe. A black hole which appears at the end of an intense Transformers battle and others fighting begins to be swallowed by a star & the universe has met the crisis of its disappearance/destruction. The Cybertron forces of justice is led by Optimus Prime. While in order to protect the entire universe, they encounter the inhabitants of various planets: Speed, Earth, Beast and Giant. the evil forces of Megatron holds a fight for The Cyber Planet Keys.
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Stagione 1
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Gary Chalk
Come: Optimus Prime

Bill Mondy
Come: Evac

Brian Drummond
Come: Jolt

Dave Ward
Come: Leobreaker

David Kaye
Come: Megatron

Maryke Hendrikse
Come: Thunderblast

Michael Dobson
Come: Starscream

Paul Dobson
Come: Landmine

Peter Kelamis
Come: Wing Saber

Richard Ian Cox
Come: Scattorshot

Ron Halder
Come: Metroplex

Scott McNeil
Come: Snarl

Trevor Devall
Come: Scourge

Brian Dobson
Come: Red Alert

Kirby Morrow
Come: Hot Shot

Louis Chirillo
Come: Ransack

Mark Acheson
Come: Crumplezone

Mark Oliver
Come: Thundercracker

Brian Drummond
Come: Jetfire

Lisa Ann Beley
Come: Override

Richard Newman
Come: Vector Prime

Ryan Hirakida
Come: Bud

Sam Vincent
Come: Coby

Sarah Edmondson
Come: Lori

Lisa Ann Beley
Come: Override

Brian Dobson
Come: Clocker

Dale Wilson
Come: Mudflap

Mark Oliver
Come: Undermine

Michael Adamthwaite
Come: Lugnutz

Michael Daingerfield
Come: Quickmix

Michael Dobson
Come: Mike Franklin

Michael Dobson
Come: Brakedown

Michael Donovan
Come: Dirt Boss

Michael Donovan
Come: Primus

Michael Donovan
Come: Crosswise

Paul Dobson
Come: Overhaul

Robert O. Smith, Gary Chalk
Come: Soundwave

Sam Vincent
Come: Menasor

Scott McNeil
Come: Backstop

Ted Cole
Come: Sideways

Terry Klassen
Come: Brimstone

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