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Anno: 2001
Stato: Terminata
Network: Fuji TV
Followers: 94 utenti

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Tohru Honda is a cheerful 16 year old girl. She was orphaned when her mother was killed in a car accident. Not wanting to burden anyone, she buys a tent and begins to live in a forest. She is determined to finish school in order to fulfill her mother's last wish. It turns out that the land Tohru is living on belongs to the Sohma family. She is quickly invited to live in the Sohma house (all males), as long as she is willing to cook and clean. One of the Sohma's, Yuki, is the most popular boy at Tohru's high school. He is swooned by girls constantly and is even referred to as the "prince" of the school. His cousins Shigure, Yuki's guardian, and Kyo make up the rest of the household. Tohru knows that her living environment is out of the normal, but things turn out to get stranger. The members of the Sohma family are possessed by animals and they turn into their true selves when they are embraced by the opposite sex! You can imagine Tohru's surprise when she witnesses
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Stagione 1
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Yui Horie
Come: Toru Honda

Tomokazu Seki
Come: Kyo Soma

Aya Hisakawa
Come: Yuki Soma

Ryotaro Okiayu
Come: Shigure Soma

Daphne Gere
Come: Saki Hanajima

Jerry Jewell
Come: Kyo Sohma

Inoue Kazuhiko
Come: Hatori Sôma

Aaron Dismuke
Come: Young Akito / Hiro Sohma

Christopher R. Sabat
Come: Ayame Sohma

Yuka Imai
Come: Arisa Uotani

Yuka Imai
Come: Arisa Uotani

Wakaba Murasaki
Come: Akito Sohma

Reiko Yasuhara
Come: Seki Hanajima

Mitsuru Miyamoto
Come: Ayame Soma

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