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Anno: 2004
Stato: Terminata
Network: Channel 4
Followers: 79 utenti

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Blisteringly funny, offbeat drama following the rollercoaster lives and loves of an anarchic family from Manchester. Meet the Gallaghers. Mum went AWOL years ago, Dad stayed at home with the six children only to hit the bottle. And sometimes the kids... The real head of the family is big sister Fiona (20), who looks after Carl (11), Debbie (9) and baby Liam (3). She is occasionally helped, more often hindered, by reluctant virgin 'Lip' (16) and the actively gay, but very private, Ian (15). Welcome to a hectic world of sexual adventures, triumphs, love, scams and a fair bit of crime on a rough Manchester housing estate, where wheel-less cars are the norm and the moving ones are stolen.
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David Threlfall
Come: Frank Gallagher

Elliot Tittensor
Come: Carl

Rebecca Atkinson
Come: Karen Maguire

Maggie O'Neill
Come: non disponibile

Chris Bisson
Come: Kash

Anne-Marie Duff
Come: Fiona

Dean Lennox Kelly
Come: Kev

Maxine Peake
Come: Veronica

Jack Deam
Come: Marty

Marjorie Yates
Come: non disponibile

Luke Tittensor
Come: non disponibile

Jody Latham
Come: Lip

Anthony Flanagan
Come: Tony

Rebecca Ryan
Come: Debbie

Joseph Furnace
Come: Liam

Gerard Kearns
Come: Ian Gallagher

James McAvoy
Come: Steve

Ben Batt
Come: Joe Pritchard

Nikita Brownlee
Come: Stella Gallagher

Stephen Lord
Come: Dominic Meak

Kari Corbett
Come: Ruby Hepburn

Angeline Ball
Come: Gloria Meak

Aysha Kala
Come: Sita Desai

Robbie Conway
Come: Aidan Croker

Kira Martin
Come: Letitia Powell

Emmanuel Ighodaro
Come: Jackson Powell

Karen Bryson
Come: Avril Powell

Michael Taylor
Come: Billy Tutton

Valerie Lilley
Come: Patty Croker

Pauline McLynn
Come: Libby Croker

Joanna Higson
Come: Maxine Donnelly

Sarah Byrne
Come: Meena Karib

Qasim Akhtar
Come: Chesney Karib

Amanda Ryan
Come: Carrie Rogers

Aaron McCusker
Come: Jamie Maguire

Michael Legge
Come: Tom O'Leary

Ciarán Griffiths
Come: Micky Maguire

Nicky Evans
Come: Shane Maguire

Chris Coghill
Come: Craig Garland

Warren Donnelly
Come: Stan Waterman

Samantha Siddall
Come: Mandy Maguire

Lindsey Dawson
Come: Jez

Annabelle Apsion
Come: Monica Gallagher

Alice Barry
Come: Lillian Tyler

Dystin Johnson
Come: Norma Starkey

Sally Carman
Come: Kelly Ball

Tina Malone
Come: Mimi Tutton

Sean Gilder
Come: Paddy Maguire

Kelli Hollis
Come: Yvonne Karib

Gillian Kearney
Come: Sue Garland

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