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Anno: 2003
Stato: Terminata
Network: Disney Channel (US)
Followers: 502 utenti

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Oh, snap! Teenager Raven Baxter has a special talent: she frequently gets spotty visions of the future, seeing brief glimpses of what could or will come to pass. Her best friends, Eddie and Chelsea, try to help her interpret and sometimes change the future they assume she has seen. In order to keep her talent a secret, Raven must decide whether she will sabotage Eddie’s big basketball game. Raven wonders if she can continue to fit in with her friends or would it be easier to only have friends that share her special skill?
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Come: Raven Baxter

Anneliese van der Pol
Come: Chelsea Daniels

Orlando Brown
Come: Eddie Thomas

Rondell Sheridan
Come: Victor Baxter

T'Keyah Keym
Come: Tanya Baxter

Kyle Massey (Kyle Orlando Massey)
Come: Corey Baxter

Lil' J (Jonathan 'Lil J' McDaniel)
Come: Devon Carter

Bobb'e J. Thompson
Come: Stanley

David Henrie
Come: Larry

Frankie Ryan Manriquez
Come: William

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