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Anno: 1996
Stato: Terminata
Network: Showtime
Followers: 4 utenti

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'Since the beginning of time mankind has existed between the world of light and the world of darkness. This journal chronicles the work of our secret society, known as The Legacy. Created to protect the innocent from those creatures that inhabit the shadows and the night.' So the opening credits of 'Poltergeist: The Legacy' announced. 'Poltergeist was a show that tried to mix the style and success of X-Files and transport it to a more horror based genre. Mostly it succeeded and, while not having the plaudits of X-Files, managed to create and interesting group of characters and story ideas.
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Robbi Chong
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Martin Cummins
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Derek de Lint
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Patrick Fitzgerald
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Kristin Lehman
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Helen Shaver
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Alexandra Purvis
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Daniel J. Travanti
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Jordan Bayne
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Tamara Gorski
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