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Anno: 1994
Stato: Terminata
Network: Netflix
Followers: 41 utenti
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Tales of the City (and its sequels) follows the soap-operaish lives of the people living in 1970's and 1980's San Francisco, and are based on Armistead Maupin's novels. The show centres around Anna Madrigal, the eccentric landlady at 28 Barbary Lane (who welcomes her tenants by taping home-grown joints above their doors), her tenants and the others implicated in their lives. Tenants include Mary Ann Singleton, a naive mid-westerner who moves to California to start a new life; Mona Ramsey, a "fag-hag" with a special connection to Mrs Madrigal; Michael "Mouse" Tolliver, a gay Floridian who moved to California to avoid letting his parents find out he was gay; and Brian Hawkins, a horny straight guy trapped in a gay city... People involved in their lives are Beauchamp Day, Mary Ann's boss, and his wife DeDe; Edgar Halcyon, Anna's boyfriend, and his wife, Frannie who are DeDe's parents.
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Dickie Hearts
Come: Mateo

Daniela Vega
Come: Ysela

Thomas Gibson
Come: Beauchamp Day

Françoise Robertson
Come: D'orothea Wilson

Cynda Williams
Come: D'orothea Wilson

Diana Leblanc
Come: Frannie Halcyon

John McMartin
Come: Royal Reichenbach

Parker Posey
Come: Connie Bradshaw Fetzner

Sandra Oh
Come: Bambi Kanetaka

Matthew Risch
Come: Harrison

Zosia Mamet
Come: Claire Duncan

Michael Park
Come: Robert Watson

Michelle Buteau
Come: Wrenita Butler

Victor Garber
Come: Samuel Garland

Ashley Park
Come: Jennifer 'Ani' Winter

Barbara Garrick
Come: non disponibile

Henry Czerny
Come: non disponibile

Paul Hopkins
Come: non disponibile

Marcus D'Amico
Come: Michael Tolliver

Rafael Tousignant-Duran
Come: non disponibile

Natsumi-Sophia Bellali
Come: non disponibile

Ted Whittall
Come: non disponibile

Colin Ferguson
Come: non disponibile

Jackie Richardson
Come: non disponibile

Nina Siemaszko
Come: non disponibile

Bruce McCulloch
Come: non disponibile

Laura Linney
Come: Mary Anne Singleton

Mary Kay Place
Come: non disponibile

Jackie Burroughs
Come: non disponibile

Charlie Barnett
Come: Ben Marshall

Jen Richards
Come: Young Anna

Caldwell Tidicue
Come: Ida

Brian Hawkins
Come: Brian Hawkins

May Hong
Come: Margot Park

Come: Jake Rodriguez

Christopher Larkin
Come: Jonathan 'Raven' Winter

Murray Bartlett
Come: Michael 'Mouse' Tolliver

Ellen Page
Come: Shawna

Donald Moffat
Come: Edgar Halcyon

Chloe Webb
Come: Mona Ramsey

Olympia Dukakis
Come: Mrs Madrigal

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