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Anno: 1970
Stato: Terminata
Network: CBS
Followers: 8 utenti

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The Mary Tyler Moore Show was one of the most literate, realistic, and enduring situation comedies of the 1970s. Mary Richards was the idealized single career woman. She had come to Minneapolis after breaking up with a man she had been dating for four years. Ambitious, and looking for new friends, she moved into an older apartment building and went to work as an assistant producer of the local news show on television station WJM-TV. In her early 30s, Mary symbolized the independent woman of the 1970s.
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Mary Tyler Moore
Come: Mary Richards

Ted Knight
Come: non disponibile

Georgia Engel
Come: non disponibile

John Amos
Come: non disponibile

Valerie Harper
Come: Rhoda Morgenstern

Gavin MacLeod
Come: non disponibile

Cloris Leachman
Come: Phyllis Lindstrom

Ed Asner
Come: Lou Grant

Betty White
Come: Sue Ann Nivens

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