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Anno: 1995
Stato: Terminata
Network: Syndication
Followers: 9 utenti

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The beach is hotter at night! The original premise of the show was that, during a midlife crisis, Sgt. Garner Ellerbee (Gregory Alan Williams), who was the resident police officer of Baywatch since the beginning of the series, decides to quit his job as a police officer and form a detective agency. Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff), his friend from Baywatch, joins to support him and they are, in turn, joined by a detective named Ryan McBride (Angie Harmon). Singer Lou Rawls, who starred in the first season, performed the series theme song, "After the Sun Goes Down". During the second season, facing slipping ratings which were never as good as the original series, the producers decided to switch to a science fiction format (inspired by the success of The X-Files).
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Angie Harmon
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David Hasselhoff
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Denise Bella-Vlasis
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Donna D'Errico
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Dorian Gregory
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Lou Rawls
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