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Anno: 1996
Stato: Terminata
Network: USA Network
Followers: 103 utenti

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Lieutenant Anthony Palermo(Rick Rossovich) is at the top of the bike-patrol unit. He is positive about it that the problems on the beach can be solved peacefully and without violence. He's always on duty and he stands up for his subordinate unconditionally. Palermo is a divorced man and a father of a sixteen-year old daughter. Officer TC Callaway (Jim Davidson) has problems with his family, who wants him to join the family business, but he refuses and stays with Pacific Blue. Officer Victor Del Toro(Marcos Ferraez) knows the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice like the back of his hand. Grown up in east LA as a son of South American immigrants, he got in contact with the crime early. The Hispanic teenagers are close to the enthusiastic biker's heart. Officer Chris Kelly (Darlene Vogel) joins the bike-patrol after working for the P.R. Department of Santa Monica. For the attractive blonde the Pacific Blue unit is
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Paula Trickey
Come: Cory McNamara

Shanna Moakler
Come: Monica Harper

Jim Davidson
Come: T.C. Callaway

David L. Lander
Come: Elvis Kryzcewski

Marcos Ferraez
Come: Victor Del Toro

Mario López
Come: Bobby Cruz

Darlene Vogel
Come: Chris Kelly

Rick Rossovich
Come: Anthony Palermo

Amy Hunter
Come: Jamie Strickland

Jeff Stearns
Come: Russ Granger

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