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Anno: 1978
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC One
Followers: 2 utenti

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Seven very different individuals with one common connection: they are all escaped prisoners sentenced to live out the rest of their lives on Cygnus Alpha, a barren and sparsely populated prison planet far from Earth, by a corrupt totalitarian government known as the Terran Federation. Blake, a former resistance leader who had his memories suppressed by the Federation, must now try to hold together his assorted crew of criminals and others. They have control over a very powerful, but mysterious spaceship they call the Liberator. Together they try to bring down the corrupt and tyrannical Federation.
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Gareth Thomas
Come: Roj Blake

Paul Darrow
Come: Avon

Jacqueline Pearce
Come: Servalan

Sally Knyvette
Come: Jenna Stannis

Brian Croucher
Come: Travis

Michael Keating
Come: Vila Restal

Peter Tuddenham
Come: Zen/Orac/Slave

David Jackson
Come: Olag Gan

Stephen Greif
Come: Travis

Jan Chappell
Come: Cally

Josette Simon
Come: Dayna

Steven Pacey
Come: Del Tarrant

Glynis Barber
Come: Soolin

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