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Anno: 2005
Stato: Terminata
Network: Showtime
Followers: 1 utenti

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Kirstie Alley, plays a fictional version of herself: a successful television and movie star whose weight gain has become the subject of every tabloid imaginable as well as the blight of her existence as she tries to find work and true love in an unforgiving Hollywood. Bravely willing to lampoon the image that has been mercilessly ridiculed over the past few years, Alley will give us a glimpse of the humor and the irony in her battle to lose weight and get back on television in a tough business that prefers the svelt figures seen on the most successful actresses of today.
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Kirstie Alley
Come: Kirstie Alley

Mark Curry
Come: Max Cooper

Mayim Bialik
Come: Herself

Bryan Callen
Come: Eddie Falcone

Kelly Preston
Come: Quinn Taylor Scott

Michael McDonald
Come: Sam Rascal

Rachael Harris
Come: Kevyn Shecket

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