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Anno: 1988
Stato: In corso
Network: Netflix
Followers: 7 utenti

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Mad scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester and his assistant, TV's Frank, have trapped a hapless soul (Joel, later Mike) in the vacuum of outer space. With their guinea pig aboard the bone-shaped Satellite of Love, they force upon him experiment after evil experiment from their underground lair. The sinister goal: find a movie so bad that it will break a man's soul, driving him to insanity. Once found, this cinematic weapon would be unleashed upon the world, turning the populace to zombies, and opening the door for Dr. Forrester's omnipotency. With the company of his robot pals Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, the trio of deep space jesters makes the best of the situation and maintains just enough sanity through wisecracking commentary and an occasional song and dance.
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Jonah Ray
Come: Jonah Heston

Felicia Day
Come: Kinga Forrester

Patton Oswalt
Come: Max

Trace Beaulieu
Come: Crow T. Robot/Dr. Forrester

Baron Vaughn
Come: Tom Servo

Hampton Yount
Come: Crow T. Robot

Kevin Murphy
Come: Tom Servo

Jim Mallon
Come: Gypsy

Michael J. Nelson
Come: Mike Nelson

Joel Hodgson
Come: Joel Robinson

Alexandra Carr
Come: Magic Voice

Beth McKeever
Come: Magic Voice

Bill Corbett
Come: Crow T. Robot

Frank Conniff
Come: TV's Frank

J. Elvis Weinstein
Come: Servo

Jan L. Johnson
Come: Magic Voice

Mary Jo Pehl
Come: Pearl Forrester

Patrick Brantseg
Come: Gypsy

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