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Anno: 1993
Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC One
Followers: 26 utenti

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This animated series is based on the books by Colin Dann. It follows a group of animals who are forced to leave their home in Farthing Wood as it is being destroyed by humans and journey to a wildlife sanctuary called White Deer Park. With the long and dangerous journey ahead of them the animals take the Oath of Protection. This means that they must protect and help one another and most importantly not eat one another. Following their guide Toad and their leader Fox, the animals consisting of predators like Owl, Kestrel, Badger and Adder and smaller animals like Rabbits, Hares and Mice take off on a journey that will not only make them legends but friends as well.
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Jon Glover
Come: Scarface, Ranger, The Warden

Pamela Keevilkral
Come: Dash, Cleo, Speedy, Whisper, Mrs. Squirrel, Mrs. Hedgehog

Ron Moody
Come: Badger, Toad, Whistler, Bully, Spike, Rollo, Mr. Hedgehog, Mr. Vole, Mr. Mouse, The Great White Stag

Sally Grace
Come: Owl, Weasel, Charmer

Stacy Jefferson
Come: Vixen, Adder, Kestrel, Mrs. Hare, Mrs. Rabbit, Shadow

Antje de Boeck
Come: non disponibile

Erna Palsterman
Come: non disponibile

Karin Tanghe
Come: non disponibile

Marc Bober
Come: non disponibile

Michael Pas
Come: non disponibile

Paul Codde
Come: non disponibile

Peter De Graef
Come: non disponibile

Vic de Wachter
Come: non disponibile

Warre Borgmans
Come: non disponibile

Jeremy Barrett
Come: Mr. Rabbit, Scarface, Mole, Bold, Friendly, Hollow, Mossy, Hurkel, Measley, Mr. Shrew

Rupert Farley
Come: Fox, Mr. Hare, Mr. Pheasant, Plucky, Trey, Fido, Brat

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