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Anno: 2003
Stato: Terminata
Network: Tokyo Broadcasting System
Followers: 6 utenti

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Shiki Tohno has a secret. As the result of a childhood injury, he can see the lines of energy that bind all things together. and by severing those lines he can destroy almost anything! Only a special pair of glasses that mute his extraordinary perceptions have kept him sane, but his attempts at living a "normal" life come to a shocking end when he is approached by a strange and dangerous woman with her own terrifying secret. Now, Shiki is fighting both for his life and to unravel the secrets of his own past; for even with a mysterious female vampire as an ally, how can anyone defeat an enemy whose power is to always be reborn? Unstoppable forces collide in Tsukimime-Lunar Legend
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Stagione 1
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Hitomi Nabatame
Come: Arcueid Brunestud

Kenichi Suzumura
Come: Shiki Toono

Fumiko Orikasa
Come: Ciel

Carrie Savage
Come: non disponibile

Dave Wittenberg
Come: non disponibile

Georgette Rose
Come: non disponibile

Jamieson Price
Come: non disponibile

Julie Ann Taylor
Come: non disponibile

Kate Davis
Come: non disponibile

Kirk Thornton
Come: non disponibile

Kirsty Pape
Come: non disponibile

Leah Allen
Come: non disponibile

Steve Staley
Come: non disponibile

Wendee Lee
Come: non disponibile

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