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Anno: 2004
Stato: In corso
Network: Bravo
Followers: 81 utenti

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This season, as the fashion industry evolves, so does our runway with a new design aesthetic and additions to the judging panel: supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss joins as host with former Project Runway champion and celebrated CFDA fashion designer Christian Siriano as the mentor. ELLE Editor-in-Chief Nina Garcia returns as a judge, along with famed fashion designer Brandon Maxwell, and journalist and former Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief Elaine Welteroth. The new look and feel continues with 16 new designers from across the United States and abroad who will compete for the coveted spot of a lifetime, a chance to show their collection during an exclusive runway show for industry insiders and influencers, as well as win the largest cash prize in the show's history. With an all-new runway and workroom furnished with sewing and embroidery machines by Brother, a glam room for the models outfitted by TRESemmé and Maybelline, along with challenges that embrace the nuances of the fashion industry—including flash sales, fast fashion, the inclusion of plus-size models, Instagram, a special Elton John challenge inspired by Paramount Pictures' Rocketman, and so much more. The runway game changes forever beginning now.
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Hester Sunshine
Come: Hester Sunshine

Gary Spampinato
Come: Garo Sparo

Nadine Ralliford
Come: Nadine Ralliford

Jamall Osterholm
Come: Jamall Osterholm

Lela Orr
Come: Lela Orr

Frankie Lewis
Come: Frankie Lewis

Kovid Kapoor
Come: Kovid Kapoor

Sonia Kasparian
Come: Sonia Kasparian

Renee Hill
Come: Renee Hill

Jhoan "Sebastian" Grey
Come: Sebastian Grey

Venny Etienne
Come: Venny Etienne

Bishme Cromartie
Come: Bishme Cromartie

Tessa Clark
Come: Tessa Clark

Cavanagh Baker
Come: Cavanagh Baker

Rakan Shams Aldeen
Come: Rakan Shams Aldeen

Afa Ah Loo
Come: Afa Ah Loo

Brandon Maxwell
Come: Brandon Maxwell

Elaine Welteroth
Come: Elaine Welteroth

Christian Siriano
Come: Christian Siriano

Karlie Kloss
Come: Karlie Kloss

Nina Garcia
Come: Judge

Wesley Nault
Come: Wesley Nault

Terri Stevens
Come: Terri Stevens

Stephen "Suede" Baum
Come: Suede

Stella Zotis
Come: Stella Zotis

Korto Momolu
Come: Korto Momolu

Kenley Collins
Come: Kenley Collins

Kelli Martin
Come: Kelli Martin

Keith Bryce
Come: Keith Bryce

Joe Faris
Come: Joe Faris

Jerry Tam
Come: Jerry Tam

Jerell Scott
Come: Jerell Scott

Jennifer Diederich
Come: Jennifer Diederich

Leanne Marshall
Come: Leanne Marshall

Blayne Walsh
Come: Blayne Walsh

Daniel Feld
Come: Daniel Feld

Emily Brandle
Come: Emily Brandle

Carmen Webber
Come: Carmen Webber

Kathleen P. Vaughn
Come: Sweet P

Christian Siriano
Come: Christian Siriano

Kit Scarbo
Come: Pistol

Steven Rosengard
Come: Steven Rosengard

Chris March
Come: Chris March

Jack Mackenroth
Come: Jack Mackenroth

Ricky Lizalde
Come: Ricky Lizalde

Jillian Lewis
Come: Jillian Lewis

Marion Lee
Come: Marion Lee

Simone Le Blanc
Come: Simone Le Blanc

Rami Kashou
Come: Rami Kashou

Victorya Hong
Come: Victorya Hong

Kevin Christiana
Come: Kevin Christiana

Elisa Jimenez
Come: Elisa Jimenez

Jeffrey Sebelia
Come: Jeffrey Sebelia

Keith Michael
Come: Keith Michael

Michael Knight
Come: Michael Knight

Vincent Libretti
Come: Vincent Libretti

Angela Keslar
Come: Angela Keslar

Alison Kelly
Come: Alison Kelly

Uli Herzner
Come: Uli Herzner

Kayne Gillaspie
Come: Kayne Gillaspie

Katherine Gerdes
Come: Katherine Gerdes

Stacey Estrella
Come: Stacey Estrella

Bonnie Dominguez
Come: Bonnie Dominguez

Laura Bennett
Come: Laura Bennett

Robert Best
Come: Robert Best

Bradley Baumkirchner
Come: Bradley Baumkirchner

Michael Costello
Come: Michael Costello

Sarah Trost
Come: Sarah Trost

Nicholas D'Aurizio
Come: Nicholas D'Aurizio

McKell Maddox
Come: McKell Maddox

Valerie Mayen
Come: Valerie Mayen

Jason Troisi
Come: Jason Troisi

Mondo Guerra
Come: Mondo Guerra

Ivy Higa
Come: Ivy Higa

Michael Drummond
Come: Michael Drummond

Peach Carr
Come: Peach Carr

Andy South
Come: Andy South

Christopher Collins
Come: Christopher Collins

April Johnston
Come: April Johnston

Gretchen Jones
Come: Gretchen Jones

Come: Casanova

Kristin Haskins-Simms
Come: Kristin Haskins-Simms

A.J. Thouvenot
Come: A.J. Thouvenot

April Johnston
Come: April Johnston

Pamela Ptak
Come: Pamela Ptak

Emilio Sosa
Come: Emilio Sosa

Mila Hermanovski
Come: Mila Hermanovski

Seth Aaron Henderson
Come: Seth Aaron Henderson

Ping Wu
Come: Ping Wu

Jay Nicolas Sario
Come: Jay Nicolas Sario

Ben Chmura
Come: Ben Chmura

Christiane King
Come: Christiane King

Jonathan Peters
Come: Jonathan Peters

Anthony Williams
Come: Anthony Williams

Janeane Marie Ceccanti
Come: Janeane Marie Ceccanti

Amy Sarabi
Come: Amy Sarabi

Jesse LeNoir
Come: Jesse LeNoir

Anna Lynett
Come: Anna Lynett

Maya Luz
Come: Maya Luz

Jesus Estrada
Come: Jesus Estrada

Zulema Griffin
Come: Zulema Griffin

Santino Rice
Come: Santino Rice

Raymundo Baltazar
Come: Raymundo Baltazar

Nick Verreos
Come: Nick Verreos

Marla Duran
Come: Marla Duran

Kirsten Ehrig
Come: Kirsten Ehrig

Kara Janx
Come: Kara Janx

John Wade
Come: John Wade

Heidi Standridge
Come: Heidi Standridge

Guadalupe Vidal
Come: Guadalupe Vidal

Emmett McCarthy
Come: Emmett McCarthy

Daniel Vosovic
Come: Daniel Vosovic

Diana Eng
Come: Diana Eng

Chloe Dao
Come: Chloe Dao

Wendy Pepper
Come: Wendy Pepper

Vanessa Riley
Come: Vanessa Riley

Starr Ilzhoefer
Come: Starr Ilzhoefer

Robert Plotkin
Come: Robert Plotkin

Nora Caliguri
Come: Nora Caliguri

Mario Cadenas
Come: Mario Cadenas

Kevin Johnn
Come: Kevin Johnn

Kara Saun
Come: Kara Saun

Jay McCarroll
Come: Jay McCarroll

Daniel Franco
Come: Daniel Franco

Austin Scarlett
Come: Austin Scarlett

Alexandra Vidal
Come: Alexandra Vidal

Andreade Gonzalo
Come: Andreade Gonzalo

Shawn Buitendorp
Come: Shawn Buitendorp

Sentell McDonald
Come: Sentell McDonald

Samantha Rei
Come: Samantha Rei

Kudzanai Karidza
Come: Kudzanai Karidza

Deyonté Weather
Come: Deyonté Weather

Claire Buitendorp
Come: Claire Buitendorp

Come: ChaCha

Aaron Myers
Come: Aaron Myers

Erin Robertson
Come: Erin Robertson

Brik Allen
Come: Brik Allen

Jenni Riccetti
Come: Jenni Riccetti

Rik Villa
Come: Rik Villa

Dexter Simmons
Come: Dexter Simmons

Laurence Basse
Come: Laurence Basse

Roberi Parra
Come: Roberi Parra

Nathalia JMag
Come: Nathalia JMag

Cornelius Ortiz
Come: Cornelius Ortiz

Mah-Jing Wong
Come: Mah-Jing Wong

Tasha Henderson
Come: Tasha Henderson

Sarah Donofrio
Come: Sarah Donofrio

Linda Marcus
Come: Linda Marcus

Kimber Richardson
Come: Kimber Richardson

Ian Hargrove
Come: Ian Hargrove

Alex Snyder
Come: Alex Snyder

Zac Posen
Come: Zac Posen

Michael Kors
Come: Judge

Tim Gunn
Come: non disponibile

Heidi Klum
Come: Host

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