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Anno: 1971
Stato: In corso
Network: TV Asahi
Followers: 11 utenti

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The Kamen Rider Series (translated as Masked Rider Series) is a metaseries of manga and tokusatsu television programs and films created by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori. The various Kamen Rider media generally feature a motorcycle-riding superhero with an insect motif who fights supervillains often referred to as kaijin. The franchise began in 1971 with the Kamen Rider television series which followed college student Takeshi Hongo and his quest to defeat the world-conquering Shocker organization. Over the years, the popularity of the franchise has grown and the original series has spawned many television and theatrical sequels, and launched the "Second Kaiju Boom" or "Henshin Boom" on Japanese television in the early 1970s, greatly impacting the superhero and action-adventure genre in Japan. Shōwa era series: Kamen Rider (1971–1973) Kamen Rider V3 (1973–1974) Kamen Rider X (1974) Kamen Rider Amazon (1974–1975) Kamen Rider Stronger (1975) Kamen Rider (Skyrider) (1979–1980) Kamen Rider Super-1 (1980–1981) Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!! (1984) Kamen Rider Black (1987–1988) Kamen Rider Black RX (1988–1989) Heisei era Phase 1 series: Kamen Rider Kuuga (2000) Kamen Rider Agito (2001) Kamen Rider Ryuki (2002) Kamen Rider 555 (2003) Kamen Rider Blade (2004) Kamen Rider Hibiki (2005) Kamen Rider Kabuto (2006) Kamen Rider Den-O (2007) Kamen Rider Kiva (2008) Kamen Rider Decade (2009) Heisei era Phase 2 series: Kamen Rider W (2009–2010) Kamen Rider OOO (2010–2011) Kamen Rider Fourze (2011–2012) Kamen Rider Wizard (2012–2013) Kamen Rider Gaim (2013–2014) Kamen Rider Drive (2014–2015) Kamen Rider Ghost (2015–2016) Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (2016–2017) Kamen Rider Build (2017-2018) Kamen Rider Zi-O (2018-2019)
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