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Anno: 2005
Stato: Terminata
Network: Space
Followers: 5 utenti

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Charlie Jade is a rogue private detective in a world dominated by greedy multinational corporations. When Charlie sees the corpse of a beautiful young woman he realizes she embodies the impossible: she has no identity, something inconceivable in Charlie's world. While tracking her suspected killer, the trail leads Charlie to a secret desert facility. A massive explosion propels him into a parallel universe, our own chaotic twenty-first century world where he is both baffled by its differences and seduced by its similarities. Charlie is soon drawn into a conflict that not only involves his home universe and the one he now inhabits but also includes another, a pristine pacifist universe with unsuspected terror at its heart.
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Stagione 1
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Jeffrey Pierce
Come: Charlie Jade

Michael Filipowich
Come: 01 Boxer

Patricia McKenzie
Come: Reena

Marie-Julie Rivest
Come: Jasmine|Paula

Tyrone Benskin
Come: Karl Lubinsky

Danny Keogh
Come: Julius Galt

Michele Burgers
Come: Essa Rompkin

David Dennis
Come: Sew Sew Tukarrs

Graham Clarke
Come: Brion Boxer

Langley Kirkwood
Come: Renn Porter

Rolanda Marais
Come: Blues Paddock

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