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Anno: 1988
Stato: Terminata
Network: SundanceTV
Followers: 1 utenti

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Welcome to the Tanner '88 guide at TV Tome. Director Robert Altman and cartoonist G.B. Trudeau combined forces for this ground breaking satire following the campaign of fictional Democratic presidential candidate Jack Tanner, mixing real life politicians and celebrities with the fictional characters. In the first season, we meet Tanner as basically a nice guy who doesn't have the killer instinct of his competitors, but nevertheless forges ahead with the help of his campaign manager T.J. Cavanaugh (Pamela Reed), youthful aide Stringer Kincaid (Daniel Jenkins), ditzy assistant Andrea Spinelli (Ilana Levine), Emile the pollster (Jim Fyfe) and teenage daughter Alex (Cynthia Nixon). Other regulars include kindhearted newspaper columnist Hayes Taggerty (Kevin J. O'Connor), filmmaker Deke Connors (Matt Molloy), and Dukakis campaign head Joanna Buckley (Wendy Crewson), Tanner's secret love interest. In the second season, set sixteen years later, Alex is now a documentary maker
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Aasif Mandvi
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Cynthia Nixon
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Daniel Jenkins
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Heather Avery Clyde
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Ilana Levine
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Jim Fyfe
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Kevin J. O'Connor
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Luke MacFarlane
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Matt Malloy
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Michael Murphy
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Pamela Reed
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Veronica Cartwright
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Wendy Crewson
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