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Anno: 1985
Stato: Terminata
Network: Syndicated
Followers: 105 utenti

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When genius cybernetics engineer Ted Lawson (Dick Christie) brings home his top secret invention, a Voice Input Child Identicant or V.I.C.I. (Tiffany Brissette), life becomes anything but mechanic for the Lawson family. With Ted’s boss and nosy family next door, his family must pass off Vickie as a real child. It’s easy for his wife Joan (Marla Pennington) who can’t help dotting on her like a real daughter, but harder for his precocious son Jamie (Jerry Supiran) who uses Vickie to do his homework and ward off Harriet (Emily Schulman), the annoying red headed girl who has a crush on him. Also starring Edie McClurg (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Hogan Family) as Harriet’s busybody mom.
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Emily Schulman
Come: Harriet Brindle

Tiffany Brissette
Come: Vicki the Robot

Jerry Supiran
Come: Jamie Lawson

Dick Christie
Come: Ted Lawson

Edie McClurg
Come: Bonnie Brindle

William Bogert
Come: Brandon Brindle

Alice Ghostley
Come: Ida Mae Brindle

Marla Pennington
Come: Joan Lawson

Paul C. Scott
Come: Reggie Williams

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