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Stato: In corso
Network: LINE TV (TH)
Followers: 9 utenti
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Korn and In's love was doomed from the beginning. It was forbidden from the start — falling in love with the right person but at a wrong time, surrounded by parents who were enemies and a society that would shame their love. Their story never really had a happy ending. Ever since he was a little boy, Parm (19), has always seen a face in his dreams, a person he can not remember after he wakes up. Having a phobia of sudden loud noises, he has always felt like there's someone missing in his life— until he sees the swimming club's president, Dean (21), who has also been searching for a face he sees in his dreams, ever since he was young.
Stagione 1
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Wanut Sangtianprapai
Come: Don [Dean's brother]

Bosston Suphadach
Come: Pruk [ManNow's boyfriend]

Samantha Melanie Coates
Come: Manow [Parm's best friend]

Samantha Melanie Coates
Come: Manow [Parm's best friend]

Pineare Pannin
Come: Del [Dean's sister]

Prem Warut
Come: Team [Parm's best friend]

Boun Noppanut
Come: Win [Dean's best friend]

Nine Nopparat
Come: Korn [Dean's past Self]

Earth Katsamonnat
Come: In [Parm’s past Self]

Ohm Thitiwat
Come: Dean [Reincarnated Korn]

Fluke Pongsatorn
Come: Parm [Reincarnated In]

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