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Network: Channel 4
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The story centres on Polly, played by Lancashire, the wife of the local politician who championed the project. Their rebellious daughter, Leona, had led a group of friends who broke onto the site on the day of the explosion, but now is left with a lifelong disability after the disaster. As communal grief gives way to a torrent of anger and blame, the community finds itself torn apart. Unwilling to accept that their children were to blame, the families cry for justice. It falls to Polly to hold the community together, and to face the challenging truths that begin to emerge.
Stagione 1
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Adrian Scarborough
Come: Philip Walters

Joanna Scanlan
Come: Angela Griffiths

Mark Lewis Jones
Come: Councillor Iwan Bevan

Sarah Lancashire
Come: Polly Bevan

Shaun Parkes
Come: Martin Harris

Sidse Babett Knudsen
Come: Harriet Paulsen

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