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Stato: Terminata
Network: Tencent Video
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Ye Xiu is the star player on an esports team that dominates the Chinese leagues of hit multiplayer titled “Glory.” His gaming days appear to have come to an abrupt halt, however, when he is forced out of his team – who are keen to accept a lucrative sponsorship deal he is vehemently opposed to. Dejected, Ye Xiu takes a job at a late-night Internet cafe, and eventually strikes up a friendship with Chen Guo, the cafe’s owner. Eventually, Chen Guo reveals her plan – to launch a new “Glory” team led by Ye Xui. Will Ye Xiu resume his “Glory” days? And can he recruit – and train – enough fellow members to return to the top of the national rankings...and take revenge on his disloyal former teammates?
Stagione 1
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Sun Ning
Come: Luo Ji

Fan Jin Wei
Come: Qiao Yi Fan

Leon Lai
Come: Bao Rong Xing

Gu You Ming
Come: Han Wen Qing

Gu Yu Feng
Come: Wang Jie Xi

Gao Han Yu
Come: Yu Wen Zhou

Liang Yi Mu
Come: Sun Xiang

Li Mu Chen
Come: Tang Rou

Lai Yu Meng
Come: Su Mu Cheng

Jiang Shu Ying
Come: Chen Guo

Yang Yang
Come: Ye Xiu

Come: non disponibile

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