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Stato: Terminata
Network: ITV
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Deep Water focuses on the lives of three women, living in and around the beautiful surroundings of Windermere. It's a modern look at family and the pressures we put ourselves under as we juggle busy lives. In striving to do their best for their families the women are capable of making some controversial choices in an attempt to hold everything together and keep their heads above deep water.
Stagione 1
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Steve Toussaint
Come: Adam

Gerald Kyd
Come: Scott Elias

Charlie Carrick
Come: Winston Toovey

Faye Marsay
Come: Joanne Aspinall

Alastair Mackenzie
Come: Guy Riverty

Rosalind Eleazar
Come: Kate

Sinead Keenan
Come: Roz

Steven Cree
Come: Joe

Anna Friel
Come: Lisa

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