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Stato: Terminata
Network: MBC
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In a greedy era of money and power. The two words are inseparable from each other, and one means the other. These days, people need a hero. A hero who can support their men and speak plainly to their boss' at the same time. A hero who can encourage their colleagues and look after their family at the same time. A hero who can be your neighbor, but go a long way to fight for a right cause. A banker named No Daeho, who has been waiting for his promotion for too long, finally becomes an auditor of the head office. He handpicks and gathers elite young auditors to audit the bank and investigate corruption and graft in the organization. He is the hero this era deserves, and he's more than ready to establish justice in this country once and for all.
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Cha In Ha
Come: Mun Hong Ju

Sin Do Hyeon
Come: Jang Mi Ho

An U Yeon
Come: Seo Bo Gyeon

Chae Si Ra
Come: Han Soo Ji

Kim Tae Woo
Come: Lee Hae Gon

Yoo Dong Geun
Come: Kang Sam Do

Kim Sang Joong
Come: Noh Dae Ho

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