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A young woman's life suddenly becomes extremely troublesome: she gets fired by her evil boss, her roommate is an care-free (but smart) internet personality, her brother crashes at her place after being dumped by his boyfriend and to top it all off, her mother announces she's getting a divorce and moves in with all of them. The hot guy who keeps buying her coffee at the coffee shop is suddenly the least of her worries. Still, even more trouble starts brewing on the horizon when her roommate's best friend comes by. It turns out he's hopelessly in love with her brother.
Stagione 1
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Hang Zhang
Come: Hunt Chang

Erica Lai
Come: Erica

Gino Bai
Come: Wyatt

Amy Lai
Come: Amy Lai

Hao Ran
Come: Hao Ran Lai

Heaven Hai
Come: Kary

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