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Stato: Terminata
Network: RTÉ One
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Welcome to Ireland, 1920. Everything is double - two states, two armies, two judicial systems – and with each of those states working overtly and covertly to destabilise the other, parents and children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives are all forced to live double lives themselves, and can no longer trust each other. The destruction and collapse of the state is echoed in that of the families and the relationships of our protagonists. Everyone is fighting for their lives, and for the future.
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Catherine Walker
Come: Constance Butler

Fergal McElherron
Come: Maurice Jacobs

Natasha O’Keeffe
Come: Agnes Moore

Aoife Duffin
Come: Eithne Drury

Gavin Drea
Come: Michael Collins

Simone Kirby
Come: Ursula Sweeney

Brian Gleeson
Come: Jimmy Mahon

David Wilmot
Come: Patrick Mahon

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