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Stato: Terminata
Network: OCN
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Oh Soo-Min is a dutiful young Catholic priest, filled with energy. He is a member 643 Regia. The group performs exorcisms unofficially. In the past, his own mother was possessed by a devil. She could not receive an exorcism and she consequently died. After that, Oh Soo-Min was taught by Priest Moon Ki-Sun on how to perform exorcisms. Moon Ki-Sun is the person who formed 643 Regia. Meanwhile, Ham Eun-Ho became a doctor after her family went through an unfortunate accident. She wants to save the lives of people. Now, Ham Eun-Ho works in the emergency room of a hospital. Ham Eun-Ho does not believe in God, but she witnesses a supernatural phenomenon and meets Priest Oh Soo-Min. She faces a big change in her life.
Stagione 1
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Park Yong-Woo
Come: Moon Ki-Sun

Jung Yoo-Mi
Come: Ham Eun-Ho

Yeon Woo-Jin
Come: Oh Soo-Min

Jang Hee-Ryung
Come: Kim Yoo-Ri

Oh Yeon-A
Come: Shin Mi-Yeon

Park Jung-Won
Come: Song Mi-So

Son Jong-Hak
Come: Koo Do-Kyun

Yu Bee
Come: Jung Yong-Pil

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