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Stato: Terminata
Network: Tokyo Broadcasting System
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Hijiri has always dreamed of becoming a teacher, and she has just started teaching a 9th grade class at Koboshi Junior High School. She is engaged to Shotaro, an elite trading company employee working in Osaka, who she has been dating since university. Although their relationship is long-distance, nothing could come in between them... at least that's what she thought until she met Akira. Akira is still fourteen years old, but there is something mysterious and charming about him. Hijiri knows that as a teacher, she cannot be attracted to her student, but his love for her is so pure and straight, that she finds herself slowly becoming infatuated by him.
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Stagione 1
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Okada Kenshi
Come: Kuroiwa Akira

Arimura Kasumi
Come: Suenaga Hijiri

Yui Natsukawa
Come: Aiko Kuroiwa

Yo Yoshida
Come: Ritsu Haraguchi

Keita Machida
Come: Shotaro Kawai

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