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Stato: Terminata
Network: SBS (KR)
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Drama series follows people who work diligently at Incheon International Airport. Lee Soo Yeon graduated from prestigious KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). He begins work at Incheon International Airport and gives himself a goal of six months to get used to working there. Lee Soo-Yeon is a mysterious man who keeps people at a distance. There, he meets Han Yeo Reum. She is a new employee in the passenger service team. She wants to be a perfectionist, but her reality is a little different. She makes a lot of mistakes.
Stagione 1
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Kim Ji Soo
Come: Yang Seo Koon

Lee Dong Gun
Come: Seo In Woo

Chae Soo Bin
Come: Han Yeo Reum

Lee Je Hoon
Come: Lee Soo Yeon

Lee Soo Kyung
Come: Na Young Joo

Kim Kyung Nam
Come: Oh Dae Ki

Ro Woon
Come: Ko Eun-Sub

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