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Network: Sky1
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A darkly comic thriller. Deep below the streets of London, descending past Temple tube in the beating heart of the city, lies a dark secret. An illegal clinic has been set up in an abandoned subterranean network of tunnels. Daniel is a surgeon driven by personal tragedy to treat anyone who is willing to pay for medical help outside the system. Aided by Lee, a disgruntled transport employee, and Anna a guilt-ridden medical researcher, they treat a variety of increasingly desperate and highly dangerous patients, as Daniel's morality is tested to the limit. Temple is a story of fate, chaos and consequence and asks how far you would go to save the person you love. Adapted from the Norwegian series Valkyrien.
Stagione 1
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Daniel Mays
Come: Lee

Mark Strong
Come: Daniel

Carice van Houten
Come: Anna

Marion Bailey
Come: Ingrid

Tobi King Bakare
Come: Jamie

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