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Anno: 0
Stato: Terminata
Network: SBS (AU)
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Stubborn but brilliant Detective Grace Gibbs is obsessed with avenging the murder of her junior officer. Charlie Fung, a new trainee detective blames his supervising officer Grace for the death of his best friend. Mani is a young Iranian medical student who is part of a crowded share house of international students. He is an off-the-books worker at an inner-city convenience store, run by greedy owners, . When a violet fugitive holds up the convenience store, Grace and Charlie are called in to investigate, setting off chain of events with devastating consequences.
Stagione 1
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Xana Tang
Come: Bo-Lin

Yoson An
Come: Charlie Fung

Rachel Griffiths
Come: Grace Gibbs

Mojean Aria
Come: Mani

Brooke Satchwell
Come: Claire

Ian Meadows
Come: Corey Baxter

Matt Nable
Come: Matt O'Reilly

Rhys Muldoon
Come: Richard

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