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Stato: Terminata
Network: BBC One
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Set in the 1930s at a time when the nation is dangerously divided and suspicion and hatred on the rise, Poirot faces a serial killer known only as 'ABC'. First the killer strikes in Andover, then Bexhill. As the murder count rises, the only clue is the copy of the ABC Railway Guide at each crime scene—and Poirot’s investigations are thwarted at every turn by an enemy determined to outsmart him. If the detective is to match his nemesis, then everything about him will be called into question—his authority, integrity, past and identity.
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Rupert Grint
Come: Inspector Crome

John Malkovich
Come: Hercule Poirot

Andrew Buchan
Come: Franklin Clarke

Anya Chalotra
Come: Lily Marbury

Gregor Fisher
Come: non disponibile

Kevin McNally
Come: non disponibile

Eamon Farren
Come: Cust

Freya Mavor
Come: Thora Grey

Jack Farthing
Come: non disponibile

Lizzy McInnerny
Come: Jenny Barnard

Michael Shaeffer
Come: Sergeant Yelland

Shirley Henderson
Come: non disponibile

Tara Fitzgerald
Come: non disponibile

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