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Freya Becker works as a typist with the Homicide division of the Berlin police. Since the tragic loss of her daughter Marie, who disappeared eleven years ago without a trace, Freya lives a secluded and lonely life, with what keeps her going being the hope to eventually find out what happened to her daughter. When the only man who might give her information about Marie`s fate is released from prison and Freya’s work confronts her with an abuse case similar to her daughter’s, she sets out for a painful journey to finally get to the bottom of the truth – whatever the cost might be.
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Zoe Moore
Come: Marie Zecker

Katharina Schlothauer
Come: Anne Liebig

Misel Maticevic
Come: Murat Nadarevic

Laura de Boer
Come: Jasmin Jacobi

Peter Kurth
Come: Henry Silowski

Moritz Bleibtreu
Come: Jo Jacobi

Iris Berben
Come: Freya Becker

Andreas Lust
Come: Thilo Menken

Bettina Hoppe
Come: Sabine Menken

Johannes Krisch
Come: Damir Mitkovic

Julischka Eichel
Come: Nadine Krug

Timur Isik
Come: Yanik Akbay

Tinka Fürst
Come: Paulina Anderson

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