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Anno: 2018
Stato: In corso
Network: ITV2
Followers: 5 utenti

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A spoof comedy that follows the exploits of a special branch of MI6, the Action Team comprises four secret agents – the heroic Logan Mann; mix martial arts and bomb expert, Monica Lang; crack sniper, Graham Hooper; and Huxley, who's just on work experience. They’re overseen by the straight shooting head of operations, Ruth Brooks and her assistant, Anne. Action Team is faced with an evil network that is masterminded by Vladimir Schevchenko, an attention-seeking leader of a tiny republic of Russia – that no one has heard of – who is as inept as he is unpredictable.
Stagione 1
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Tom Davis
Come: Logan

Vicky McClure
Come: Ruth Brooks

Jim Howick
Come: Graham

Kayode Ewumi
Come: Huxley

Laura Checkley
Come: Monica

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