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Anno: 2018
Stato: Terminata
Network: KBS TV2
Followers: 3 utenti

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Park Yoo-Ha (Han Ji-Hye) studied hard in medical school and finished her intern course. She works hard to become a doctor due to her father. Her father raised 4 children by himself and her oldest sister also sacrificed for the family. Park Yoo-Ha is not interested in other people. Suddenly, her father marries a woman rich enough to own a building. Meanwhile, Jung Eun-Tae (Lee Sang-Woo) works as a doctor. He volunteered for performing medical service abroad, but he comes back to Korea. Jung Eun-Tae is not interested in marriage, because his father placed priority on his medical work over family and Jung Eun-Tae believes he is like his father
Stagione 1
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Kim Kwon
Come: Moonsik Choi

Geum Saerok
Come: Hyunha Park

Yeo Hoehyun
Come: Jaehyung Park

Park Sunyoung
Come: Sunha Park

Jang Mihee
Come: Miyeon Lee

Yoo Donggeun
Come: Hyoseob Park

Lee Sangwoo
Come: Euntae Jung

Han Jihye
Come: Yooha Park

Seo Yeon-Woo
Come: Chae Eun-Soo

Kim Ye-Ryeong
Come: Shim Il-Soon

Park Cheol-Ho
Come: Ma Dong-Ho

Park Jun-Keum
Come: Woo A-Mi

Kang Sung-Wook
Come: Cha Kyung-Soo

Kim Mi-Kyung
Come: Jung Jin-Hee

Choi Jung-Woo
Come: Yeon Chan-Koo

Park Sewan
Come: Dayeon Yeon

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