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Anno: 2018
Stato: Terminata
Network: AMC
Followers: 7 utenti

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In each episode, host James Cameron introduces one of the “Big Questions” that humankind has contemplated throughout the ages and reaches back into sci-fi’s past to better understand how our favourite films, TV shows, books, and video games were born. Cameron and his contemporaries – Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ridley Scott (among other Directors as well as many Artists) who have helped fuel sci-fi’s spectacular growth over the last several decades – debate the merits, meanings, and impacts of the films and novels that influenced them and discuss where the genre — and our species — might be going in the future.
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Peter Capaldi
Come: Himself

James Cameron
Come: Himself

Christopher Nolan
Come: Himself

George Lucas
Come: Himself

Ridley Scott
Come: Himself

Sigourney Weaver
Come: Herself

Steven Spielberg
Come: Himself

Keanu Reeves
Come: Himself

Sean Ono Lennon
Come: Himself

Catherine Coleman
Come: Herself/"Cady" Coleman

Christopher Lloyd
Come: Himself

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Come: Himself

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