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Anno: 2018
Stato: Terminata
Network: Mnet
Followers: 8 utenti

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According to an official statement from Mnet, “Produce 48” is a project that will combine the competition system of “Produce 101,” featuring viewers selecting which idols will debut, with the “idols you can meet” concept of AKB48, which performs in a designated theater for fans. “Produce 48” will aim to form a global girl group. Mnet has teamed up with AKB48’s producer Yasushi Akimoto for the project, and they’re collaborating with him to prepare a show that will present new experiences to Korean and Japanese viewers as well as music fans. Mnet’s “Produce 48” will be airing in mid-2018, and this AKB48 and “Produce 101” collaboration is said to be a program that will be on an unprecedented scale.
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Stagione 1
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Jang Wonyoung
Come: Wonyoung

Hasegawa Rena
Come: Rena

Yamada Noe
Come: Noe

Jo Ka Hyun
Come: Ka Hyun

Chang Yuan Ying
Come: Yuan Ying

An Yu Jin
Come: Yu Jin

Park Jinny
Come: Jinny

Park Seo Young
Come: Seo Young

Choi Yeon Soo
Come: Yeon Soo

Ahn Ye Won
Come: Ye Won

Han Cho Won
Come: Cho Won

Hong Ye Ji
Come: Ye Ji

Lee Yoo Jung
Come: Yoo Jung

Yoon Eun Bin
Come: Eun Bin

Kim Yoo Bin
Come: Yoo Bin

Kim Da Yeon
Come: Da Yeon

Hwang So Yeon
Come: So Yeon

Kang Da Min
Come: Da Min

Kim Min Ju
Come: Min Ju

Jo Yu Ri
Come: Yu Ri

Jang Gyu Ri
Come: Gyu Ri

Lee Si An
Come: Si An

Bae Eun Young
Come: Eun Young

Kim Da Hye
Come: Da Hye

Kim Na Young
Come: Na Young

Cho Sa Rang
Come: Sa Rang

Son Eun Chae
Come: Eun Chae

Park Ji Eun
Come: Ji Eun

Na Go Eun
Come: Go Eun

Lee Ha Eun
Come: Ha Eun

Cho Ah Yeong
Come: Ah Yeong

Park Hae Yoon
Come: Hae Yoon

Tanaka Miku
Come: Miku

Kurihara Sae
Come: Sae

Tsukiashi Amane
Come: Amane

Imada Mina
Come: Mina

Yabuki Nako
Come: Nako

Aramaki Misaki
Come: Misaki

Miyawaki Sakura
Come: Sakura

Murakawa Bibian
Come: Bibian

Motomura Aoi
Come: Aoi

Matsuoka Natsumi
Come: Natsumi

Asai Yuka
Come: Yuka

Matsui Jurina
Come: Jurina

Alex Christine
Come: Christine

Wang Yi Ren
Come: Yi Ren

Choi Ye Na
Come: Ye Na

Kim Si Hyeon
Come: Si Hyeon

Yu Min Young
Come: Min Young

Wang Ke
Come: Ke

Kim Min Seo
Come: Min Seo

Kato Yuuka
Come: Yuuka

Uemura Azusa
Come: Azusa

Umeyama Cocoma
Come: Cocoma

Shiroma Miru
Come: Miru

Murase Sae
Come: Sae

Naiki Kokoro
Come: Kokoro

Shin Su Hyun
Come: Su Hyun

Kim Hyun Ah
Come: Hyun Ah

Kim Do Ah
Come: Do Ah

Lee Chae Jeong
Come: Chae Jeong

Park Chan Ju
Come: Chan Ju

Park Min Ji
Come: Min Ji

Won Seo Yeon
Come: Seo Yeon

Kim Cho Yeon
Come: Cho Yeon

Honda Hitomi
Come: Hitomi

Takeuchi Miyu
Come: Miyu

Takahashi Juri
Come: Juri

Kojima Mako
Come: Mako

Chiba Erii
Come: Erii

Ichikawa Manami
Come: Manami

Iwatate Saho
Come: Saho

Oda Erina
Come: Erina

Asai Nanami
Come: Nanami

Shitao Miu
Come: Miu

Shinozaki Ayana
Come: Ayana

Sato Minami
Come: Minami

Miyazaki Miho
Come: Miho

Muto Tomu
Come: Tomu

Mogi Shinobu
Come: Shinobu

Nakanishi Chiyori
Come: Chiyori

Nakano Ikumi
Come: Ikumi

Nagano Serika
Come: Serika

Goto Moe
Come: Moe

Heo Yoon Jin
Come: Yoon Jin

Lee Kaeun
Come: Kaeun

Kim Chae Won
Come: Chae Won

Kim Soo Yoon
Come: Soo Yoon

Kim So Hee
Come: So Hee

Kwon Eun Bi
Come: Eun Bi

Kang Hye Won
Come: Hye Won

Go Yoo Jin
Come: Yoo Jin

Choi So Eun
Come: So Eun

Yoon Hae Sol
Come: Hae Sol

Jo Young In
Come: Young In

Lee Chae Yeon
Come: Chae Yeon

Lee Seung Hyun
Come: Seung Hyun

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