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Anno: 2017
Stato: Terminata
Network: TTV
Followers: 2 utenti

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It takes a tremendous amount of courage to make changes to your personal and professional lives. Luo Xiao Fei works as a director of television commercials. Her boss is Xiao Ye Shi, the owner of the advertising agency as well as her boyfriend of five years. Despite the complacency and neglect of her long-term relationship with Ye Shi, Xiao Fei finds it hard to make major changes in her life that couldimpact her job. When Xiao Fei meets the much younger An Qing Hui, who just graduated from college with a design degree, will he give Xiao Fei the courage to follow her heart?
Stagione 1
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Ruby Lin
Come: Luo Xiao Fei

Derek Chang
Come: An Qing Hui

Lee Lee-Zen
Come: Lai Jian Guo

Archie David Kao
Come: Xiao Ye Shi

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