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Anno: 2017
Stato: In corso
Network: Network Ten
Followers: 29 utenti

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Sisters follows the story of Julia Bechly whose life is turned upside down when her father, IVF pioneer Julius Bechly, makes a death-bed confession that during his award-winning career as a fertility specialist he used his own sperm and admits he could potentially be the father of hundreds of children. Julia decides to take most of the situation and throws a family gathering where she finds out she has hundreds of brothers, but learns she only has two sisters, troubled children’s television star, Roxy Karibas and belligerent lawyer, Edie Flanagan
Stagione 1
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Antonia Prebble
Come: Edie Flanagan

Barry Otto
Come: Julius Bechly

Catherine McClements
Come: Genevieve

Charlie Garber
Come: Isaac Hulme

Dan Spielman
Come: Tim

Joel Creasey
Come: Oscar

Lindsay Farris
Come: Carl Logan

Lucy Durack
Come: Roxy Karibas

Magda Szubanski
Come: Diane Karibas

Maria Angelico
Come: Julia Bechly

Roy Billing
Come: Ron Karibas

Zindzi Okenyo
Come: Amanda

Emily Barclay
Come: Casey

Maude Davey
Come: Barbara

Ming-Zhu Hii
Come: Angela

Remy Hii
Come: Sam

Zahra Newman
Come: Felicity

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