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Anno: 2017
Stato: Terminata
Network: SET TV
Followers: 1 utenti

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Can one life and two hearts be saved? Qiao Jia En (Mandy Wei) and her boyfriend, Wang Xiu Kai (Nylon Chen), return to Taiwan from overseas to reunite with her estranged wealthy father. But when the couple gets into a car accident, Jia En suffers a concussion and memory loss while Shu Kai becomes brain dead. Jia En’s friend, Zhao Ai Li (Mandy Tao), takes advantage of the situation and takes Jia En’s place in meeting with Jia En’s father and assumes her place in a privileged life. Meanwhile, when pastry chef Xing Shao Tian (Andy Chen) collapses at a banquet, he needs an immediate heart transplant and ends up receiving Shu Kai’s heart. When Shao Tian fatefully meets Jia En, he is drawn to her. So is Shao Tian’s half-brother, Duan Ruo Fan (Jolin Chien). Can Shao Tian help Jia En regain her memory and her rightful place in life?
Stagione 1
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Andy Chen
Come: Xing Shao Tian

Mandy Wei
Come: Qiao Jia En

Jolin Chien
Come: Duan Ruo Fan

Nylon Chen
Come: Wang Xiu Kai

Kris Shen
Come: Li Xiao Fei

Mandy Tao
Come: Zhao Ai Li

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